Wife of retired trooper says attitude against cops is becoming dangerous

‘Monochrome’ documentary in final fundraising push

The co-producer of the film “Monochrome” said the current friction between law enforcement officers and communities has reached “horror movie” levels and needs to end now.

Deborah Ortiz is the wife of a former New York state trooper, founder of Tampa-based Code 9 and a co-producer on a documentary about the tensions between law enforcement and the public.

Ortiz said she fears the fading respect for law enforcement is creating a new normal to open fire on officers on the street.

Ortiz said Monday’s incident at a West Colonial Drive shopping center during which an alleged vandal opened fire on an Orange County deputy and was struck when the deputy return fire, is another “heartbreaking” example of the disconnect between communities and law enforcement agencies.

“Our officers are being ambushed, attacked, and shot at with no regard for what these men and women are doing,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz and former “Bold and the Beautiful” actress Tracy Melchior have teamed up to produce a documentary that opens the floor to residents and the men and women behind the badge.

The film has been in production for three years and recruits financial support through a Kickstarter fundraiser that still needs $10,000 to reach the goal to finance the film’s final production.

However, Ortiz said time is running out because under the Kickstarter rules the entire financial goal of $20,000 must be met by Jan. 19 or any donations pledged will be lost.

“This film is incredibly important,” Ortiz said. “Things have to change. If they continue the way that they are it’s only going to get worse and more lives are going to be taken on both ends.”

Producers of Monochrome have assembled a list of incentives to bring donations to the table including a “rare experience “ to tour Los Angeles Police Department SWAT.

The film’s push for donations has attracted 53 pledges taking them to nearly half of the fundraising goal.

Ortiz said if the producers don’t get the money it will “certainly give us a big pause” but that they are “not giving up.”

“This film is going to be finished,” she said. “The funding will let us continue moving forward, this film is important and it’s important now!”

If you want to pledge a donation to the project go to kickstarter.com and type in “Monochrome.”

Find additional information on the Monochrome Facebook page or watch the interview with Ortiz here.

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