Woman says she smuggled drugs to pay for unpaid traffic tickets, court records show

Mariah Love was caught with 1177.63 grams of cocaine


PORT CANAVERAL, Fla. – A woman told special agents she smuggled drugs because she needed money to pay for unpaid traffic tickets and overdue bills, according to an Orange County criminal complaint affidavit.

Mariah Love is facing a charge of importation of controlled substance, 500 grams or more of cocaine.

Love arrived in Port Canaveral on Monday after a three-night cruise to the Bahamas.

Around 9 a.m. on Monday officers with U.S. Customs and Border Protection referred Love to a secondary examination area after an initial inspection and examination, according to the criminal complaint.

The suspect had a suitcase and a smaller bag, according to investigators.

Investigators said they found two small boxes that appeared to contain soap.

The officers found white powdery substance wrapped in plastic, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

The substance tested positive for cocaine, according to DHS.

DHS said investigators found more cocaine in packaging on her thigh between her skin and spandex.

The total weight of cocaine found on Love and her possessions was 1177.63 grams, court records show.

Love told officers she was told by someone she knew she could make money by going on a cruise and believed she could make $3,000 smuggling drugs, according to the criminal complaint.

Investigators said she told officers she thought she was going to smuggle weed.

DHS said she told officers she needed money to pay for unpaid traffic tickets and overdue bills.

Love said she picked up the cocaine at a house in Nassau, Bahamas.

She was released after a federal court hearing in Orlando on Tuesday.

Love is not allowed to leave the state of Florida and her next court date has not been announced at this time.

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