A depression has formed near a plane at a DeBary park. Here’s what the city is doing about it

Deteriorating organic material likely to blame

DeBARY, Fla. – City leaders are taking action to attempt to stop a depression that has formed near a historic plane at Memorial Park in DeBary.

Officials said they have been aware of the depression, which is not a sinkhole, for the past 12 years and they believe that the disintegration of organic material underneath the site, including tree trunks, could be the cause.

City Manager Carmen Rosamonda said Volusia County officials “did some boring and found some organic materials in those borings,” saying the finding likely indicates buried plant life decaying within the depression.

A geotechnical firm is being brought in to investigate.

“At this point, we believe that deteriorating organic material is the likely cause of the depression. The assessment will provide a more definitive analysis and allow us to make an informed decision as to how to correctly repair it,” Rosamonda said.

According to a news release, the area was assessed in 2009 and 2011 and it was determined that the deteriorating organic material under the site could have been replaced with sand moving into the spaces. The problem is, sand is not as stable.

"The study will give us the ability to be pro-active and prevent further disruption at this popular asset in our community,” Rosamonda said.

City staff will present a proposal to the city council during its meeting on Wednesday.

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