Keeping it natural: Orlando mom becomes entrepreneur after son’s skin condition

Mom leaves realtor career, launches Naked Bar Soap Company

Local mom turns into organic body product entrepreneur
Local mom turns into organic body product entrepreneur

For a local mom, her son’s skin condition launched her into a whole different industry making her a girl boss in the organic soap world.

“Since my son had really bad eczema and really dry skin and then he had this cradle cap, one of the first things I wanted to do was figure out how to get rid of it,” Natasha Byrd-Gaylon said.

She had her first son in 2006, his skin condition prompted her to do some research online after a dandruff shampoo that her pediatrician suggested didn’t clear his cradle cap and dry skin.

“The first thing that popped up was Olive oil,” Byrd-Gaylon said. “For me, it was like the ‘aha’ moment for me to use something natural as opposed to using you know, something pharmaceutical. From there I started just making natural lotions and soaps and things like that.”

That’s how the Puertorican native went from being a real estate agent to becoming a girl boss.

In 2011 Natasha established Naked Bar Soap Company and two years later her best friend Jennifer Peets came on board as her business partner. Together they became part of the global natural soap industry.

She said it started with items you could find in your kitchen.

“Things that you would normally use to be healthy like eating olive oil or coconut oil,” Natasha said. “Using those oils, they’re finding that you can actually use them on your skin and that they’re just as healthy for your skin as they for the inside of your body.”

Handmade soap products are typically free of chemical additives and made with condiments easily found in grocery stores.

“One of them is turmeric, we use them in the soap. It’s anti-bacterial, it’s anti-fungal,” she said. “We use cocoa butter, we use cocoa powder, so we use that to color the soaps, cinnamon, coffee grounds."

According to, more and more people in the U.S are turning to this alternative for everything from soap, body scrubs and bath bombs to other natural body products.

“People are realizing that your skin is extremely important and not only what you put inside of your body is important but what you put on your skin is important,” the entrepreneur said.

Despite soap being the product that jumpstarted Natasha’s business venture, she says her number one selling product is the natural deodorants she also hand makes at her College Park store.

Naked Bar Soap Company also provides workshops for those interested in learning how to make soap bars and sugar body scrubs.

Because these natural soaps have no preservatives, Natasha says you have up to 2 years to use them--which is why she keeps a friendly reminder for those who use them as decor.

For more information about the three different workshops offered, visit her website.

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