Oviedo Town House waitress accused of tipping herself on customers’ bills to support her kids

Chelsea Reed stole hundreds of dollars, police say

Chelsea Reed
Chelsea Reed

OVIEDO, Fla. – A waitress altered tips from restaurant customers, resulting in overcharges of nearly $300, according to the Ovideo Police Department.

Chelsea Reed, 31, told investigators she knew what she was doing was wrong and committed fraud to support her two children.

Police said Reed worked at the Town House Restaurant on North Central Avenue when she knowingly overcharged customers by changing the tip amount they left on their bill.

According to the arrest report, the manager of the restaurant contacted police after customers complained they had been overcharged for their meals.

By looking at service receipts from Reed’s transactions, investigators said they found she used different methods to charge a higher tip. Authorities said Reed would “scribble over” the tip left and re-write the amount, or would change the tip amount as she entered service information into the restaurant’s computer system.

Records show during her employment from May 27, 2019 to June 17, 2019, Reed accumulated $292.60 in overcharged tips.

Arrest records show Reed has been arrested before on theft charges.

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