Mother and daughter stop brutal beating in DeLand, police say

Police work to identify men involved in fight

DELAND, Fla. – Elaine Reed and her daughter said they jumped into action after they witnessed a brutal beating while they were stopped at a light in downtown DeLand.

"It's the mother instinct in me. I didn't think twice. They were punching, they were slamming his head in the middle of the road. As soon as that light turned green, I floored it," said Reed.

Reed didn’t feel comfortable showing her face on camera but did show News 6 her van that she said she used as a barricade to separate the 26-year-old man from his three attackers Monday afternoon.

“You know (I was) beeping on my horn, I jumped out of my van while my daughter was on the phone with 911 trying to get help,” she said.

Her daughter also snapped a picture that showed the victim on the far right and his attackers on the left, the fight developing on West New York Avenue near Clara Avenue. News 6 blurred the picture since no one’s been arrested and charged.

"It hurts to see somebody doing that somebody else," said Brittany Schupp, Reed's daughter.

Once DeLand police arrived, the women rushed the man to the hospital who told them he was walking home from work and had no idea who attacked him. He also called 911.

The City of DeLand praised the women for helping and said police are investigating.

"Apparently, he had his phone stolen so we took the report on that. And really, we're just trying to corroborate what happened, we're going to canvas the area to see if there's any surveillance that caught the altercation and also to see what may have sparked it," said City of DeLand Spokesperson Chris Graham.

Graham said police will also be using the picture to try and identify the men. The women said they weren’t thinking about their own safety at that moment and wouldn’t hesitate to help someone again.

“If I see anything injured or hurt, whether it’s a human being, whether it’s an animal, I’m going to step in and do what I can to try and help them,” Reed said.

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