‘Does that bother her?’ Caregiver accused of spraying perfume to trigger allergic reaction in woman

Victim had to be taken to ER

SEMINOLE COUNTY Fla. – A caregiver who’d been hired to help a woman with severe allergies sprayed a large amount of perfume in retaliation after she was fired, causing the woman to have reaction, according to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

The victim and her daughter said they hired Kimberly Sheldon on Saturday to work as a live-in caregiver for the victim. Before Sheldon was hired, the women explained that the victim has a severe sensitivity to fragrances and could have a life-threatening reaction to perfume, cologne, body spray, air fresheners and the like, records show.

Deputies said Sheldon understood the severity of the victim’s condition and said she could administer an EpiPen if needed.

After Sheldon was hired, she began drinking heavily at the home and neglecting her work so the victim and her daughter told her on Monday that she was fired, according to the affidavit.

Sheldon told the victim she would “regret this” then pulled out a bottle of perfume and sprayed herself and the air surrounding the victim with it, records show.

“The suspect got upset, she intentionally sprayed body spray, perfumes in the air heavily around the victim and as she said she would, she had a severe reaction," Seminole County Sheriff’s Office public information officer Bob Kealing said.

Deputies said the victim immediately had difficulty breathing and fell forward off her walker as Sheldon stood by without helping, saying, “Does that bother her? Oops, I forgot” in a sarcastic tone.

The victim’s daughter administered an EpiPen but when that didn’t work, she called 911 and first responders took the woman to an area hospital.

“My mom’s having an allergic reaction. I gave her an EpiPen and she’s still having trouble breathing,” the victim’s daughter told a 911 operator.

Later in the call, the woman explains that Sheldon triggered the reaction.

“The body spray perfume was sprayed intentionally by someone who knows that my mom has allergic asthma,” the woman said.

Sheldon, 53, was arrested on charges of culpable negligence and abuse of an elderly person.

Kealing said if anyone is searching for a caretaker there are professional services that vet potential employees.

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