What the Honk: Mustang moving trucks and riding barefoot

Trooper Steve shares viewer photos, videos

ORLANDO, Fla.WARNING: The images you’re about to see may cause raised eyebrows, slight questioning of human education and a wondering of where some drivers tested for their license. Viewer discretion is advised.

When it comes to moving from one home to another it can be well, a pain. I have moved many times over the years, so I get it. But there’s a safe way to do it and of course a not so safe way.

Mustangs over the years have an amazing history from racing to being used as police cars, but using it as a moving truck?

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What the Honk?
What the Honk?


This driver decided to lose the passengers and load up that armoire. Visually something that would definitely get your attention but my issue is that it’s not properly secured. I see no straps anywhere. What if it came loose? Or a crash occurred? I don’t think the other drivers are looking for a new bedroom set.

What the Honk?
What the Honk?

It’s obvious you guys do not play when it comes to finding those horribly parked drivers especially when they’re parking in disabled parking spots, but this one I’m going to chalk up as mistaken identity. This white SUV obviously didn’t see the clearly printed sign that says “GOLF CART PARKING ONLY”. Talk about not giving a HONK. These tend to be located in places where communities allow the use of golf carts. Have some courtesy or they’ll start taking your spots and then we’ll be complaining about that.

What the Honk?
What the Honk?

I’ve shown you plenty of stupid on 4 wheels, 2 wheels and even on 1, but today I have it on 3. Straight from the Stone Age, this rider decided to lose the shoes on his motorcycle. 100% ticketable but let’s just think common sense.

The things I have seen during a crash investigation would make most of you lose your last meal. Now imagine this rider coming off this motorcycle. He started good with the helmet but then left the HONKS and his shoes at home.

I want to keep seeing the things you’re seeing, keep your passenger pictures or dash camera videos coming and send them to me over at clickorlando.com/whatthehonk or you can email them to me at asktroopersteve@wkmg.com.

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