Man accused of carjacking, kidnapping passenger near Orange County bakery

Report: Suspect was trying to get money to get son out of prison

Angel Beltran, 33, is facing kidnapping and carjacking charges.
Angel Beltran, 33, is facing kidnapping and carjacking charges. (WKMG 2020)

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A 33-year-old man is facing kidnapping charges after deputies say he stole a car from outside an Orange County bakery with a passenger still inside the vehicle.

Orange County deputies responded to Melao Bakery Sunday on Consulate Drive after reports of a carjacking. Authorities were told the suspect drove off with a 2016 Ford Escape with a victim inside the car, according to an arrest report.

A victim told deputies as she was in her vehicle putting an address into a GPS she heard someone call her name and saw a man with what seemed like a gun under his shirt pointed at her approaching the vehicle saying “this is a robbery,” the arrest report reads. The suspect then demanded she and her passengers exit the vehicle.

The driver and a passenger got out of the car as the suspect moved into the driver’s seat. The passenger yelled at the suspect to let the other passenger, a man, get out of the car. The suspect then told the two that he was taking the man with him, according to authorities.

A deputy managed to call the victim on his cellphone and confirmed he was OK and that his kidnapper, later identified as Angel Campos Beltran, would drop him off soon, according to the arrest report. The deputy asked to speak with the suspect and the call ended. Investigators later learned Beltran had tossed the victim’s phone out the window.

Deputies were eventually notified the man was dropped off unharmed on the 8000 block of Exchange Drive. The man told deputies he had spoken to Beltran. Beltran had told the man he was planning to rob a store but saw the opportunity to rob them instead. The suspect said he needed money to free his son from prison and that he did not plan on hurting the man, according to the arrest report.

Authorities said detectives were able to track down the vehicle on the 2000 block of West Landstreet Road.

Deputies found Beltran on the 8700 block of South Orange Blossom Trail. After a search, they found the keys to the Ford Escape in Beltran’s pockets.

Beltran is being held in the Orange County Jail facing carjacking with a firearm charge and kidnapping with a firearm.

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