Oregon couple stuck in Tokyo after wife diagnosed with Coronavirus

Rebecca Frasure has been at hospital in Tokyo since Feb. 7

Kent Frasure said he is in Tokyo because his wife has been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Frasure is from Oregon and traveled to Japan at the end of January for a cruise.

He said once the cruise was about to be over, there was a mandatory quarantine on the ship.

Frasure said his wife Rebecca tested positive for the virus. He said Rebecca has appeared to have no symptoms other than a fever a couple of weeks ago.

“She’s been fine. She has not had any symptoms. It’s been more of an emotional toll on her, not speaking the language,” he said.

Frasure said he speaks to his wife on the phone since they aren't allowed to see each other in person.

He also said he is on a No Fly List back to the United States that he expects to get taken off of next week.

"It's been just a big waiting game and a bit of a struggle."

Frasure said this his mother lives in The Villages and is very concerned for their safe return to the US.

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