Daytona Beach pig named Ducksong could be next Cadbury Bunny

Hopes to become advocate for other mini pigs

Ducksong the mini pig
Ducksong the mini pig

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – She’s not a bunny or a duck, although her name and ambitions might suggest otherwise.

Ducksong, or just Duck for short, is a miniature pig from Daytona Beach and if she plays her hoof right, she could be the next Cadbury Bunny mascot.

Duck’s owner, June, rescued her when she was 6 weeks old and only 3 pounds. June says her name is just as unique as her personality.

“Ducksong got her name because she has the ultimate duck-face; she pushes her bottom lip out and she really will look like a duck face,” June said. “She lip-syncs to music all the time - she really is funny to watch. So hence the name Ducksong.”

Duck has since become a socialite and loves to parade around town in style. Through her travels, Duck has amassed quite a following on social media, which June thinks could help her chances of winning.

“The process to be in the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts was exciting for me... Duck has been the best-dressed pig since the day I adopted her, so we picked out an Easter outfit and her bunny ears and took a few pictures in the yard,” June said. “I had her fans on her Facebook page pick the photo I would send in and just hoped she would be picked.”

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Posted by Angelina Morgan on Wednesday, March 4, 2020

June said she knows Duck has some tough competition, which includes a mini horse from Ocala vying for the coveted spot, but thinks that Duck has what it takes to come out on top.

“Although all the finalists are truly amazing, mini pigs are the most misunderstood,” June said. “With Ducksong she would be a great spokes-pig for Cadbury and mini pig education everywhere. She is so funny, smart and loving and she absolutely loves Cadbury Chocolate.”

While the chance to star in a classic Cadbury commercial and a $5,000 grand prize sounds great, both June and Duck think the real benefit of winning the competition would be their platform to advocate for other mini pigs.

“This would be the greatest honor for me and Ducksong,” June said. " I know of so many (mini pig) rescues who need help and I would be able to make a small difference in the lives of some animals that really need the help, so I would definitely donate to them."

But the big win wouldn’t be incomplete without some pampering and a day out on the town.

“We would go to her favorite park so she can munch some grass, maybe a quick trip to the dog beach she likes to dig in the sand and end the day letting her eat her favorite Cadbury Easter egg,” June said.

To cast your vote for Ducksong, visit her page here.

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