Last flights from restricted countries land in Orlando

President Trump made the order of restricted travel on Wednesday

ORLANDO, Fla. – International passengers arrived at Orlando International Airport on Friday evening, just hours before a travel ban goes into effect.

President Trump has ordered restricted travel from several European nations as the government works to control the spread of the coronavirus.

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Max Horster flew into Orlando from Frankfurt, Germany on the last flight allowed in.

“We flew a day early than planned. We were supposed to come in tomorrow, but we learned that tomorrow we wouldn’t make it in, so we flew the day before,” said Horster. “I think everyone is concerned. The safety measures are severe I would say, all schools have been closed right now.”

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Orlando International said that 92 flights could be impacted during the 30-day period. The airport said that the travel restriction impacts flights from France, Germany, Norway, Iceland, and The Netherlands.

Rahul Gaikwaid lives in Orlando on a work visa and came back to Florida on the Frankfurt flight Friday night. He said the plane was only half full.

"I'm sitting on like the entire three seats, so I came like asleep, business class," said Gaikwaid.

The CDC has set up screening locations at several airports including Miami during the expected restriction period.

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