Winter Park business booming amid coronavirus concerns

AeroClave manufactures motorized disinfectant spray

WINTER PARK, Fla. – There's no slowing down at AeroClave, a Winter Park based company that manufactures large-scale decontamination solutions.

It's been a busy time for Mike Quinoy, vice president of commercial sales, handling the demand, which has spiked significantly since the company began in 2003.

"Business basically quadrupled overnight," he said. "It's really all hands on deck for everybody."

Quinoy showed News 6 how one of their products, the RDS 3110, works disinfecting a room in their offices.

"You're just taking an interior space and you're filling it with a disinfectant fog," he said.

In a matter of 20 minutes, the spray can spread through an entire ambulance.

Orange County Fire Rescue bought theirs years ago as a way to disinfect fire trucks and emergency vehicles. But because of concerns from COVID-19, firefighters are also using the spray for their offices.

"There are 40 public safety agencies that currently use this technology as well as 17 hospitals," Quinoy said. "All Advent Health and Orlando Health hospitals as well as their stand alone emergency rooms."

AeroClave manufactures these products at a nearby facility just over in Oviedo. But the calls the company has been getting for new orders have been coming from all over.

"If you're following the headlines and a state has an elevated number of cases, that's where the majority of the requests are coming from," Quinoy said. "Anywhere from Florida, California, we've even sent units to Alaska and Hawaii.

The units are not cheap; Orlando Fire leaders told News 6 they bought their unit for about $10,000.

Those at AeroClave are hoping to double the amount of units they can build and ship as the orders keep coming in.

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