Do Your Part: Florida woman makes face masks for healthcare workers to help coronavirus shortage

The woman sends the masks to healthcare workers

Woman creates homemade face masks
Woman creates homemade face masks

As the coronavirus spreads there is a rush to get more masks in the hands of people who need them, specifically healthcare workers.

Florida health officials said Sunday 300,000 masks arrived in the state yesterday and they are rushing to send those out while they wait on millions more to arrive.

A Central Florida woman is doing her part to fill the gap. Donna Herman showed her sewing skills off on Facebook in a recent video.

She’s shipping her homemade masks to healthcare workers in need. She said one reached out all the way from Pennsylvania.

"She was freaking out about going to work because they were low on masks and she’s got two young children, so she asked me if I could make some masks so I sent 30 out to her yesterday,” Herman said.

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It’s not just healthcare workers who are asking, she said.

"I've got people they've got sick children, or they are taking care of elderly parents asking me to please, please send,” Herman said.

The orders are keeping her very busy while she maintains social distancing. She’s sewing 12-14 hours a day and has enlisted her children and grandkids to help.

Herman said says she is in it for the long haul.

“I'll keep doing this as long as the need is there,” she said.

Herman is shipping the masks to healthcare workers free of charge, only asking for them to pay for shipping.

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