Orlando man still waiting for results nearly a week after taking coronavirus test

Jack Sines is afraid he may have exposed his entire family

ORLANDO, Fla. – In mid-March, 53-year-old Jack Sines returned from a work trip after visiting California and Washington, two of the current hot spots for COVID-19.

Sines said he developed symptoms of a cold including a bad cough, and his doctor told him to get tested for coronavirus. He said the wait for answers has caused him and his family distress.

“It’s very stressing and causing some anxiety because I’ve got underlying health issues. My wife is a cancer survivor and my son is a disabled veteran,” Sines said.

After taking the test last Wednesday, Sines and his family have been self-isolating in their home.

“My biggest concern is that this could develop into something bigger while I’m waiting for (results). While I’m waiting for results, that someone in my house can get even more sick with the virus,” Sines said. “I don’t understand why it would take a week when the centers that are open now have two-day results.”

On AdventHealth’s website, it states results can take up to seven days, and that samples are tested through an AdventHealth lab. But it doesn’t specify if that lab is in Central Florida, or if they send the samples out of state.

“I expect a phone call. I don’t know if from the testing center or Centra Care... it’s a pick up every phone call and hope for the best,” Sines said.

Sines said his symptoms have been diminishing, and stresses that everyone should heed recommendations from medical professionals to stay at home and practice social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus. He just hopes he didn’t expose his loved ones.

“I got a family to take care of... and it’s hard,” Sines said. “I’ve always been concerned about bringing something back from the West Coast... Different illnesses float around all the time and I was concerned about bringing something home. But I never thought it would be something of this magnitude.”

News 6 reached out to AdventHealth to find out why it’s taking so long for results to get back and if they test the samples in-house. We did not get an immediate response.

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