Orlando commissioner, volunteers work with restaurant to feed seniors self-isolating

People over 65 at-risk for COVID-19 receive hot meals from volunteers

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando City Commissioner Bakari Burns is working with volunteers working to help seniors during the coronavirus outbreak, teaming up with Oley’s restaurant to provide free hot meals for at-risk people in need.

On Thursday, Burns and other volunteers delivered meals to dozens of needy seniors across Orlando District 6. The meals are free to the seniors, but paid for by Burns and the other volunteers from their own pockets.

Burns said it’s vital now more than ever at a time where seniors are being asked to take precautions and abide by local mandates to stay home. Many of the seniors also don’t have access to healthy food options.

“It’s important that all of our seniors receive a healthy meal, a hot meal during this time,” Burns said. “It’s important that we do what we can to reach out to these seniors to make sure they have what they need.”

While delivering meals, volunteers used hand sanitizer and were keeping a safe distance.

Orlando resident Julia Young, 82, said she’s so thankful.

“I am so grateful for the meal today,” Young said. “We need it and we appreciate it. Some people don’t understand the needs for the older people.”

It meant a whole lot for Akyva Fedd. She said her 88-year-old grandmother’s home caught fire just Wednesday on Guinyard Way.

“At a time like this, dealing with COVID-19, this is something that is well needed for the seniors,” Fedd said of the meals.

The family has started a GoFundMe for the 88-year-old to help her get back on her feet after the fire.

Meanwhile, the meals were prepared by Oley’s Restaurant in Orlando. The owners told us they’ve already seen a decline in business, but they still wanted to help.

“We’re fortunate enough that we can be able to give back at this time, because it’s a very unprecedented time right now,” owner Clover Brown said.

Co-owner Karl Brown said, “It makes all the sacrifices that you’ve done as a business owner worthwhile, [just] to see where there are times in need and you can help other people.”

If you’re a senior living in District 6 in Orlando and in need of a hot meal, you can reach out to Commissioner Bakari Burn’s office at 407-246-3016.

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