Florida Department of Health in Orange County makes coronavirus collection kits

Swabs still in short supply

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – We have heard everyone from the governor to the president talking about how supplies are limited to test for coronavirus.

Because of the short supply, the Florida Department of Health in Orange County is now making their own coronavirus collection kits.

Dr. Raul Pino made the announcement Thursday.

"We have acquired sufficient ingredients to make our own test kits collection kits," Pino said.

News 6 got an up-close look at the process Friday.

The Department of Health gathered tubes, saline solutions and swabs, which have been in high demand around the world.

Because swabs are limited, the department is focusing only on nasal swabs, instead of nasal and throat swabs that have been used in the past for testing.

The tubes are filled with three millimeters of saline solution, which is then chilled.

After a patient is swabbed, the specimen is placed in the tube and frozen, then shipped to a laboratory in Jacksonville for the results.

The tests are going to the Department of Health’s coronavirus testing center on the east side of Orange County.

They have not disclosed the location, because it is by appointment only.

They are conducting about 50 tests per day, and with these supplies they will be able to continue those daily tests.

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