Interactive map shows Florida cities with coronavirus cases

COVID-19 causes chaos around globe

ORLANDO, Fla. – Although county-by-county breakdowns of the coronavirus cases in Florida are provided twice daily, for some people that’s not enough as they wonder whether COVID-19 has made its way to their city or town.

The Florida Department of Health has been keeping track of that data in a daily chart that lists each city and how many patients have been identified there.

News 6 accessed and organized that data into an easy-to-read, color-coded map.

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Each city that the Florida Department of Health has identified as having a COVID-19 patient is marked with a first aid kit icon. In some cases, a city was not provided and instead only the county was indicated.

If the icon is gray, that means the city has 1,000 or more cases, yellow means between 500 and 999, black is for 100 to 499, a red icon means the number is between 50 and 99, green indicates 20 to 49 cases and blue is used for anything 19 and under.

Use the plus and minus buttons in the bottom left corner to zoom in or out until you find your region and then select your city. Clicking the icon will show you the exact number of cases in your hometown.

The map will be updated as often as possible but keep in mind that the situation is rapidly changing. If you want to see how recent the numbers are, click the button to the left of the title and the description will pop up along with a note indicating when it was last updated.

The interactive will not be updated on weekends.

On days when the map is not manually updated, the data can be publicly accessed by clicking here then clicking the orange “see the report” button. That will pull up a PDF, which you can then search to find your hometown.

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