Coronavirus: Seminole County businesses make changes for social distancing order

Walmart, Publix, other companies post signs to keep customers apart

SANFORD, Fla. – Several businesses in Seminole County, including Walmart and Publix, have placed signs on the floor to let customers know they need to stay 6 feet apart from each other as part of the county’s new social distancing order.

The Seminole County social distancing order went into effect Monday.

Blue signs that say, “Please keep at least 6 feet apart” were placed on the floor at each register at a Walmart in Casselberry.

Walmart also placed yellow tape on the ground outside for customers who wait in line in the mornings.

“I’m really happy to see that our grocery stores here in Seminole County, due to our executive order, are already taking it seriously and they are starting to mark the floor,” said Alan Harris with the Seminole County Emergency Management.

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The order requires everyone to stay at least 6 feet apart, limit groups to 10 or less, limit occupancy to 30% of maximum capacity and mandates that checkout points must be monitored for social distancing requirements.

The Publix off Howell Branch Road in Casselberry also had blue markings outside and inside the store to separate customers.

County leaders said businesses not following the guidelines will face fines or even a possible shutdown.

Officials have also asked nonessential businesses, like barbershops and beauty salons, to no longer provide services, though they can stay open for people looking to purchase gift cards or products. Several other Seminole County businesses have already closed their doors.

The social distance order in Seminole County is in effect until further notice.

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