Florida health officials checking in with travelers from coronavirus hot spots through phone calls

Drivers, airline passengers from COVID-19 hot ordered to self-quarantine

All travelers coming to Florida from the New York-area or New Orleans who are ordered to self-quarantine for 14-days will be monitored by phone, a spokesperson for the Florida Department of Health said.

Last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stationed the Florida National Guard and the FDOH at all Florida airports to intercept passengers from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Passengers were required to fill out traveler forms and hand them back to FDOH workers.

“Individuals will be monitored through regular phone calls,” a spokesperson for the Joint Information Center on COVID-19 for the State of Florida said. “Upon entry in Florida, each arriving traveler or responsible family member (if traveling as a family) will be required to complete a traveler form. The form requires key information, including each traveler’s contact information and trip details. Failure to complete the form and failure to follow any isolation or quarantine order from DOH are a violation of Florida law. Additionally, travelers will be provided with a traveler card, which has contact information and guidance in the event the traveler exhibits symptoms while in isolation that are attributed to COVID-19, including fever, cough, or shortness of breath.​”

Over the weekend, the Florida Department of Transportation and the Florida Highway Patrol set up two checkpoints at Florida’s borders to intercept cars traveling from the New York-area and New Orleans.

One checkpoint is on Interstate 95 at the Georgia border and another is on Interstate 10 at the Alabama border.

“We got a lot of challenges, and to have the virus airlifted in from all around the world or the country, that’s a big problem,” DeSantis said. "I think that’s the best way to be able to deal with that. We’re also on the roadways, and including on I-10 for people who are leaving New Orleans which has now become a big hot spot so we have the FHP involved in that.

FDOT said travelers are being warned that if they don’t quarantine they are subject to a fine or jail time or both.

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