Student learns she’s valedictorian in drive-thru at work

Principal wanted to honor student in person

A school principal in Michigan didn't let coronavirus-related closures get in the way of announcing this year's Valedictorian. (CNN Newsource) (WKMG)

A school principal in Michigan didn’t let coronavirus-related closures get in the way of announcing this year’s valedictorian.

Grand Traverse Academy in Traverse City has been shut down for more than two weeks, but secondary principal Michelle Floering wanted to observe tradition and notify the deserving student of her honor in person.

She went the extra mile and drove to the fast food restaurant where Valedictorian Kaitlyn Watson was working to deliver the news in person.

Watson was surprised and delighted to learn she had earned the honor.

Floering also came up with a special way of telling senior Alyssa Tarnowski she had won the honor of 2020 Salutatorian.

She shared it in a Facebook video performing a water bottle flip with the happy news written on the bottom of the bottle.

School officials goes to drive-thru to tell student she's valedictorian

With schools closed, a school administrator had to make a surprise visit to a student working at a drive-thru to tell her she's the high school's class valedictorian

Posted by CBS News on Thursday, March 26, 2020

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