‘God is blessing me in the midst of the storm’: Sanford residents grateful for Action Church food donation

More than 70,000 pounds of food distributed

SANFORD, Fla. – A line of cars wrapped around blocks of the Goldsboro historic neighborhood in Sanford-- cars with people waiting for food.

“We have just over 70,000 pounds of food donated. It will feed somewhere around 125,000- 135,000 people,” Justin Dailey, lead pastor of Action Church said. The food donation came from Sysco, a multinational American company that provides food services.

Pastor Dailey says the large donation will serve from 30,000 to 35,000 families.

During the drive-thru event set up inside the parking lot of The Barn in Sanford, hundreds of cars pulled in with their trunks or back doors open as volunteers wearing gloves and face masks loaded the vehicles with all kinds of produce, fruits, orange juice, chocolate milk and goods like shrimp, chicken and lamb.

"I am blessed. I appreciate it from the highest," said one resident as he drove away.

A sign of unity as the world continues to fight the pandemic. A global outbreak that's left millions jobless and concerned for the well-being of their families.

"It says so much of our nation and of the church that we've put a lot of preferences aside and they're just hurting people that need to be shown love," Dailey said.

Sanford Police Department was at the event helping direct traffic. Chief Cecil Smith says the food donation is going beyond the community of Goldsboro.

“Goldsboro is one of the historical cities -one of the oldest cities in the state, and it’s one of our repressed communities here in the city as a whole. That is gonna go a long way to feed, not only people in Goldsboro community but the Sanford community as a whole,” Smith said.

Commissioner Kerri Wiggins of Sanford also came to lend a helping hand. He says the food donation isn’t just benefiting low-income families

“You have your low-income but also you have your mix, you know, and throughout the day, since I’ve been standing here I’ve seen a mixture of both because who prepared for something to this traumatic stage? And so with that being said it’s not only helping my district,” Wiggins said.

For this Sanford community, the food donation was a ray of hope amidst the uncertainty.

“God is blessing in the midst of the storm. Thank you Jesus!” said one lady as she drove away with a smile and a car full of food.

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