Stores enforce social distancing amid spread of coronavirus

Floor markers one of the practices put in place to enforce social distancing

ORLANDO, Fla. – Depending on which county you’re in, and which store you’re at, social distancing may be enforced differently.

Tape can be seen on the floor as markers for people to stand six feet apart when checking out at stores.

In Seminole County, at Target or Publix stores, floor markers are one of the practices put in place to enforce social distancing.

This is as a result of Seminole County issuing an executive order, requiring social distancing. The order means businesses must comply.

Seminole isn’t the only county requiring employees and customers to stand six feet apart; Lake County has also issued an emergency order enacting social distancing.

While Publix is taking measures to promote social distancing at all of their stores, in every county, according to a spokesperson for the company, Orange and Osceola Counties have not issued executive orders requiring such practices.

They have, however, issued ‘Stay-at-Home’ orders.

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