COVID-19 hot zone map allows Orange County leaders to watch how virus is growing

County Officials released the map on April 1

Orange County hot zones explained
Orange County hot zones explained

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Orange County has the most positive cases of the coronavirus in Central Florida.

Health officials are pinpointing what they consider hot spots around the county.

County officials say those hot spots give them information.

It will allow them to see how the virus is progressing over time, but they also warn these numbers are fluid, and what’s not a hot zone today could be tomorrow.

Zip code 32822 has the highest number of confirmed cases in the county with 23.

Carmelo Siaca is the General Manager of Brooklyn’s Pizza on Pershing in East Orange County.

“A little surprised that we were in the hot spot,” Siaca said.“Being in one of the hot spots makes me think ‘do we have to take extra precautions?”

Siaca has already taken precautions at his business.

Customer’s orders are delivered to their vehicles.

The door handle and the rest of the store are sanitized regularly.

He said hearing that he is in one of the hot spots with the highest number of cases was just a reminder.

“Were taking a number of precautions with color-coded gloves, timers going every 15 minutes for handwashing and sanitizing the stores,” he said.

In a press conference, Wednesday Dr. Raul Pino said knowing exactly where the cases are currently, gives the county the ability to watch how the virus is growing and adjust accordingly.

"What you can do with that, you can do targeted testing, you can do targeted messaging, you also can advertise, and respond to the specific needs of those areas," Pino said.

Siaca said he is grateful for the information.

"Were all going to get through this. I have no doubts and we just have to take it one day at a time," Siaca said.

The numbers are changing daily and county officials expect the county to hit its peak at the end of April.

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