Central Florida nurse lives away from family to protect them amid spread of COVID-19

Rosie misses her dad who is on the front lines fighting this virus

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – A Central Florida nurse is living away from his family to protect them amid the spread of the coronavirus.

“I miss daddy because I want to snuggle with him,” 4-year-old Rosie McBride said.

Rosie misses her dad who is on the front lines fighting this virus.

“I miss just talking to him, and usually at night after the kids go to bed, we’ll just snuggle on the couch,” Heather McBride said

Kyle is a registered nurse at a hospital in Osceola County.

He and his wife, Heather, have four children, and these past two weeks, they’ve been living apart, out of fear of bringing COVID-19 from his work to their home.

While they may be physically apart, Heather said they are never far from each other’s thoughts. She recalls one day when their wedding song played on the radio.

“The other day he texted me that the song was on, so we turned on the radio,” Heather said.

Heather said it’s been an adjustment, but said the kids are helping with chores around the house, waiting for their dad to stop by after work and leave groceries outside on the front step.

“They like that he brings little surprises, and they’re always wondering what he’s going to bring them; like he brought some Easter peeps,” Heather said.

The deliveries have become their only time together, with the safety of glass in between them.

Heather said she and her children are constantly reminding their Dad of how incredible his sacrifice is, and how much he is missed.

“We’re all proud of you, that you’re our hero, and just continue to do what you always do in helping everybody,” Heather said.

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