Orange juice sales see comeback during coronavirus pandemic shopping

Drink is considered go-to for people who are afraid of getting sick

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American consumers have been stocking their pantries and freezers amid the coronavirus crisis, and it seems one beverage is getting a much-needed boost in sales: orange juice.

According to marketing and research firm Nielsen, U.S. retail sales of OJ jumped about 38% in March. That's compared to the same period last year.

The Florida Department of Citrus reported a spike in demand for 100% orange juice in particular.

Orange juice is a go-to for many people who are afraid of getting sick. That could be because people see OJ as a way to load up on Vitamin C and boost their immunity.

Previously, orange juice sales had been declining steadily.

According to the USDA, orange juice consumption for Americans has fallen from about six gallons in 1998 to two and a half gallons in 2018.

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