3-month-old Orlando girl diagnosed with COVID-19

Her daughter’s symptoms have been mild

3-month-old Orlando girl diagnosed with COVID-19
3-month-old Orlando girl diagnosed with COVID-19

ORLANDO, Fla. – Chelsie Enciso said her 3-month-old daughter tested positive for the coronavirus.

She said at first she didn’t think it was COVID-19.

"It was more like a cold, a common cold; she had a little cough, she was sneezing, she wasn’t congested,” Enciso said.

Enciso said Aaliyah was tested on March 16 at the Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

She was tested after she said Aaliyah’s caregiver tested positive.

She said 11 days later, the test came back showing her daughter was positive for COVID-19.

Enciso said she feels lucky, as her daughter's symptoms have been mild, saying "she's had no fever since the beginning."

Enciso said she and her family were all tested for the Coronavirus the same day her daughter was but said their results were negative.

But their health since has changed, she said.

“Very very mild, coughing, sore throat; we’ve not had any fevers,” said Enciso.

She said they have not been tested for the coronavirus since, but they remain in self-isolation.

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