Volusia authorities have told 799 beachgoers to stay away from each other

2 arrests also made at the beaches

VOLUISA COUNTY, Fla. – Easter weekend at the beach is typically one of the busiest weekends according to Volusia County Beach Safety Patrol, but this year, it’ll be celebrated differently due to to the coronavirus. Lifeguards said people are only allowed on the beach to exercise and everyone must practice social distancing.

Nearly 800 social distancing warnings have been issued at beaches in Volusia County since March 18 amid the spread of the coronavirus, according to Captain Tamra Malphurs, of the county’s Beach Safety Ocean Rescue.

Capt. Malphurs said the warnings included educating people in reference to beach regulations.

The beaches in the county are closed.

Malphurs listed the only activities people can do on the beach:

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Bicycling
  • Surfing
  • Fishing
  • Swimming

The beach parking lots and parks are also closed, according to Capt. Malphurs.

“There’s no hanging out on the beach and that is going to be strictly enforced. People are required to leave after they’re doing one of those six things,” Malphurs said.

At this time, anyone at the beach is not allowed to sunbathe or play organized sports or sit in a chair to read, according to Capt. Malphurs.

Investigators said the rules are strictly enforced and it can be an arrestable offense, with a $50 fine.

“We’ll have more lifeguards. You’ll see more lifeguard towers out than you had in the last couple days and we will our full complement of officers out there as well,” said Capt. Malphurs said.

Officers said two arrests have been made since Friday.

“We will be enforcing these rules very strictly. We don’t like doing this but this is something we have to do until this pandemic is over,” Capt. Malphurs said.

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