Here’s how one family in Orange County is being impacted by the coronavirus pandemic

Husband works long hours at the Emergency Operations Center

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Melissa Bartlett's husband is a lieutenant in the Homeland Security and Emergency Management division at the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

She said her husband has long hours working at the Emergency Operations Center, and while doing that, she said he still has the potential to be called out at any moment, as he also runs the hostage negotiation team.

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But the focus of his work, she said, has been COVID-19 related.

Melissa said she and her husband have five children; two with severe asthma.

She said it's one of the reasons they've been taking every precaution at home.

“He comes home, he goes straight to the garage, he takes off his boots,” Bartlett said.

But even with all of the steps, everyone is taking, she said the Coronavirus has still impacted them.

“Two of the deputies, out of the ones that have it, are very close to my husband; one of them works in the same building with him, and one of them works on several of the different specialty units with him, so it hit home fast,” Bartlett said.

Melissa said her children are proud of their dad and what he does daily to help others, and they let him know it.

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