Senate fails to approve legislation to expand funding for small businesses

Orlando small businesses look for ways to move forward

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Senate failed to approve legislation on Thursday, this would expand funding for small businesses. Negotiations will continue, but it’s the latest wrench in Congressional leaders plan to assist small businesses after nationwide fears of money running out.

In Orlando’s Parramore neighborhood, it’s much different than a few weeks ago when it was much more booming and bustling. Now, most businesses are closed and the ones open are carry-out only.

Tina Smith owns Neu Blooms Florist, a floral shop on Church Street in Parramore. She said she understands that she's like many small business owners trying to bounce back.

“It’s been rough. It’s been where we get no orders, we have to cut off our systems because we can’t take orders if we don’t have the flowers to fill them,” Smith said.

She told News 6 she plans to apply for a small business loan. Her business has been closed for the past few weeks. She said she’s focused also on paying her employees and keeping her business lights on.

“I hope it helps everyone on the block. We’re all struggling,” Smith said. “I think we all on this block and elsewhere would need a hand.”

Hoan Le said he’s applied for a small business loan and told News 6 he needs the extra funding.

“It would help us a lot and especially pay the staff to stay a little longer,” Le said.

He owns Le House Restaurant in Parramore and said he’s been forced to cut hours for his staff and his business has seen a 95% reduction since going to takeout only over the past few weeks.

“It’s been pretty rough. Everywhere is slow,” Le said.

Meantime, many banks said they've reached capacity for the number of applications they're accepting for small business loans.

News 6 will let you know how it all plays out as Congress works to move forward in possible trying to approve more funding for small businesses.

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