No, IDs aren’t being checked at Melbourne beaches

Brevard County beaches remain open with restrictions

Officials say IDs are not being checked at beaches in Melbourne.
Officials say IDs are not being checked at beaches in Melbourne. (Melbourne Beach Volunteer Fire Department, Pixlr)

MELBOURNE, Fla. – Leaders in Brevard County are clearing up the rumors after a sign was posted falsely claiming that anyone on the beach in Melbourne would need to show their ID to prove they live in the town.

Both the Melbourne Beach Volunteer Fire Department and Brevard County Emergency Management took to social media this week to clear up the confusion. The posts included a picture showing a sign that reads, “Melbourne beach resident ID enforcement beginning 6 a.m. Saturday, May 2.”

The bottom of the sign also includes what appears to be a seal or logo and a Florida approval number.

“This sign was recently spotted out in South Melbourne Beach. The statements made on the sign are false, and this sign is not official messaging from the Town of Melbourne Beach. There has been no discussion on implementing any type of ‘ID Enforcement’ and if there was, it would be released on the Town’s official website and Facebook page first,” firefighters wrote on Facebook.

Beaches across the state have been closed to certain activities in an attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus and keep in line with social distancing rules.

In Brevard County, beaches are open but only for outdoor exercise including walking, jogging, swimming, fishing, biking and surfing. Sunbathing and other forms of congregation are strictly prohibited.

Leaders did at one point decide to close beaches entirely during the day from Friday to Sunday but quickly reversed course and announced that the shores remain open with limitations.

As of Tuesday morning, 156 of the 21,367 COVID-19 patients across the state are located in Brevard County.

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