Residents in 32822 zip code want coronavirus testing site

Orange County is working to expand coronavirus testing in hot spots

Residents in 32822 want coronavirus testing site
Residents in 32822 want coronavirus testing site

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Doctor Raul Pino with the Florida Department of Health said a clinic will be set up in zip code 32822.

“It will take a bit longer because we will need to be specific about where to locate,” Dr. Pino said.

More than 90 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in the 32822 zip code.

The Florida Department of Health will be rolling out mobile testing clinics on Monday, but the hardest hit zip code of 32822 is not on the schedule for next week.

However, Dr. Pino said, if the resources are available for the second week of testing, that week could look different.

"I think we will change the locations," said Dr. Pino. He also said the future may include random testing, and said, "where we randomly will ask people, do you want to get tested." Dr. Pino stated this might happen in specific areas, like blocks where people have tested positive.

Dr. Pino tells News 6, the mobile testing clinics require space, adding that not all businesses want to be associated with testing for COVID-19, which he said was also a factor in determining the first week's locations.

We also spoke with Father Jose Rodriguez, a local pastor, who said 40 percent of his parishioners are in the 32822 zip code.

Father Rodriguez said, he's not criticizing the locations of the testing sites - but wants to help by giving advice based on what he's seen in his community.

“We are imploring our elected officials, please be open to the advice we have to offer. We’re embedded in the community, we know our people, we’re getting their phone calls, we have value to add to their decision-making processes,” said Father Rodriguez.

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