Coronavirus: Last cruise ship sailing has docked in Italy

Seas officially empty of large cruise ships

(Credit: Giacomo Raul Giampedrone)
(Credit: Giacomo Raul Giampedrone) (CNN Newsource)

GENOA, Italy – The seas are officially empty of large cruise ships.

The last major cruise ship to sail the seas since the coronavirus outbreak began has officially docked in Genoa, Italy.

According to Regional Council Member Giacomo Raul Giampedrone, the Costa Deliziosa docked in the Port of Genoa around 1:15 p.m. local time Wednesday after having issues with rough seas on its first docking attempt Tuesday.

Health care personnel were prepared to board the ship shortly after all necessary checks had taken place in order to remove the body of a woman who died on April 6.

Giampedrone stated that a coronavirus test would be conducted post-humously but that the woman's death is not thought to be related to coronavirus.

At this time the ship does not have any individuals in isolation or suspected cases of COVID-19.

Wednesday afternoon, the first 540 passengers are set to disembark while the additional 897 will disembark Thursday.

A statement issued by the regional government assures that all necessary health checks will be performed upon disembarkation and the ship's operation. Costa Crociere will provide transportation and return of all passengers to their respective countries of residence.

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