Author of ‘No Regrets’ says story of unemployed grandmother inspired him to give back

Hector La Fosse calls Lupe Zavala’s struggle ‘God sent’

When Hector La Fosse and his wife Sylvia saw the story of an unemployed grandmother and her 15-year-old grandson this week, they said this was what they were looking for.

La Fosse, an award-winning author of the book ”No Regrets” and his wife Sylvia told News 6 Lupe Zavala’s sincerity “hit home.”

The couple originally from New York City contacted WKMG-TV after seeing Zavala’s story on the station’s “Make Ends Meet” segment.

“When we saw your report my wife and I looked at each other, Hector La Fosse said Friday, “We knew this was what God sent to us.”

La Fosse and his wife are one of more than 40-families who contacted News 6 to offer financial help to Zavala and her grandson Matthew.

Many were asking for guidance to find other families in need.

“I’m speechless, I’m just speechless,” Zavala told News 6, “it’s not only me I’m not the only grandparent out there.”

Florida’s unemployment numbers have been overwhelming so much so that the website for the Department of Economic Opportunity has been rife with glitches and delays.

Zavala is still waiting for confirmation for unemployment benefits.

News 6 has been chronicling the struggles of central Florida families furloughed during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Like so many others Zavala wants to get back in the workforce saying “that would be perfect” for her.

As for the wave of generosity she has inspired she said she wants to repay their kindness.

“Me and Matthew were talking, “ she said, “once I get back on my feet I want to pay it forward.”

La fosse said there was something about Zavala’s passion to get a job.

“We felt in our hearts this is real this is genuine,” he said.

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