Grandmother says she was told to take down graduation yard sign

‘It just means I’m thinking so much of her,’ she says

EDGEWATER, Fla. – A graduation sign celebrating a local high school senior has caused quite the commotion in one Volusia County community.

Barbara Novak said she put up the yard sign over the weekend to honor her granddaughter but said she quickly received a call from someone claiming to be with her homeowner’s association telling her it needed to be removed.

“I got a phone call telling me the sign has to come down and this is the HOA,” Novak said. “I told her I will not take that sign down [and] I said, ‘That’s too damn bad, it’s staying up. My granddaughter can’t graduate. She’s missing out on everything, the least we can do is have a sign for her.’ And I hung up.”

Novak said the call came less than a day after she put the yard sign up.

News 6 spoke over the phone with Linda Mojer, board of directors’ president at Majestic Oaks. Mojer said she did not call Novak, and is unsure who did, whether it was another board member or maybe an aggravated neighbor.

Regardless, Novak said this graduation sign is a “non-issue,” and explained how while the sign is against their rules but she said there are no plans to enforce the rule against something like a temporary graduation sign.

News 6 spoke to Novak afterwards.

“I’ll keep it as long as I can,” Novak said. “Maybe a couple weeks, is that so bad?”

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