Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando provides pet food donations to those in need

Shelters plan to host more giveaway events

ORLANDO, Fla. – The early bird gets the worm -- or in this case, free dog and cat food.

The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando on Friday gave away free bags of pet food at its two shelters to help members of the community who may be having trouble feeding their cats and dogs due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The first car arrived at 7:45 (a.m.) and this (event) started at 10 (a.m.)," Pet Alliance executive director Steve Bardy said.

The Pet Alliance had planned to help feed Fido and Fluffy for two hours on Friday but after one hour, the food was already gone.

“When you’re dealing with people who’ve been furloughed, some since March, and are either not able, not eligible for unemployment or not able to get through, and their limited resources, we know that if they’re struggling to feed themselves, they’re struggling to feed their pets," Bardy said.

The good news is that the donations will keep coming in to help Feed the Need, so the organization is planning to host another giveaway sometime within the next couple of weeks at both their Orlando and Sanford locations.

“We’re just grateful to be able to do it," Bardy said. "We’re super grateful to all of our donors and volunteers that provided all the food for us to be able to give out, so it’s those that have are sharing what they have with those who need a helping hand.”

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