Robocall volume at lowest point in 2 years due to coronavirus pandemic

International call centers shut down, likely cause

Roanoke robocallers to pay back $300K
Roanoke robocallers to pay back $300K

Does this sound familiar?

You pick up the phone and hear someone talking to you, wait, no, talking at you, and they won't stop.

That’s when you realize it’s one of those annoying robocalls.

But have you noticed you've been getting fewer of them?

In fact, the number of robocalls people got in the U.S. last month was at its lowest in two years, according to a robocall-prevention service called YouMail.

It’s mostly because international call centers are shut down right now during the coronavirus pandemic.

The government has also been working to stop COVID-19-related scams.

And this isn't just a minor jump, we're talking 2.86 billion calls in April compared to 5.66 billion in October.

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