Police find 6-year-old boy tied up in shed; grandmother, boyfriend arrested

Boy told police abuse started when he ‘got out of school for this corona thing’

(Credit: KTVT/CNN Newsource)
(Credit: KTVT/CNN Newsource) (CNN Newsource)

DALLAS – A Dallas woman faces charges after police said they found her 6-year-old grandson tied up in a shed.

Authorities received a tip about the boy Sunday night.

When police went to the home 53-year-old Esmeralda Lira told them the child was with his mother.

However, a man living in the back of the property pointed them to the shed.

Lira and her live-in boyfriend, Jose Balderas, face felony charges of endangering a child.

According to CBS Dallas, the boy’s grandmother told police he was only in the shed that one time as punishment. Lira’s boyfriend told police the 6-year-old had been in the shed at least two weeks as punishment since he was stealing food.

CBS Dallas reported the boy explained to officers that the alleged abuse started when he “got out of school for this corona thing.”

Bond for Lira and Balderas was set at $100,000, according to CBS Dallas.

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