Orlando nurse reunited with family after working frontlines of COVID-19 in NYC

She worked 21 shifts at a hospital in the Bronx

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A Central Florida nurse who jumped on a plane to New York City last month to help in one of the hardest-hit areas is home with her family.

Hailey Hester left for New York in early April and was reunited with her husband two children on Friday.

Hester’s two young children are seen embracing their mother after more than a month apart in video sent to News 6.

"Especially Mother's Day I was in isolation. It was really hard," said Hester.

We first told you about Hester last month, just moments after she finished her last of 21 shifts at a hospital in the Bronx.

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"I think they understand and I think that they understand what was going on and they are proud that I went," said Hester.

Hester has spent two weeks in isolation after arriving back in Florida. She said she only saw her husband when he dropped off groceries at the door an Airbnb she was staying at.

“Trying to juggle everything when she was gone, it was tough, so she’s a superhero,” said her husband, Jonathon Hester.

Hester said that she isn’t calling herself a hero. She said that she went because she couldn’t imagine not helping.

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