Central Florida woman with COVID-19 using social media to warn others about possible exposure

‘I was crazy careful and I caught it,’ says DeBary resident who thinks she caught virus at grocery store

A Central Florida woman is taking to social media to warn others about her whereabouts, after she recently tested positive for COVID-19.

A Central Florida woman is taking to social media to warn others about her whereabouts, after she recently tested positive for COVID-19.

Pamela Davis lives in DeBary and Thursday, she went to Advent Health’s Summit building in Orange City for a pre-operation appointment for her upcoming knee surgery.

She says one of the tests she took was for COVID-19.

On Sunday, her surgeon called and informed her she had tested positive for the respiratory virus.

“I wanted to let people know that COVID-19 is still out there,” Davis said. “People are still getting it and they were potentially exposed to me. I was crazy careful, and I caught it.”

Davis said when she was tested she showed no symptoms and did not have a fever. She says that’s why she was so shocked to hear her diagnosis - and even took a follow up rapid test on Monday just to be sure.

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"And the rapid test confirmed that I'm in early stage COVID-19 disease," said Davis. "At that time I was asymptomatic."

Davis said that’s why she started warning people on social media about everywhere she had been.

Especially after her son and mother who live with her also tested positive for the antibodies.

"The health department is following up with me every day," said Davis. "But my mom and my son are both positive - but they can't get retested right now because they don't have symptoms, they're quarantined."

Davis says she also contacted the Cora Rehab facility where she went for her physical therapy appointment last week to warn them about her diagnosis.

A spokesperson with Cora’s corporate office in Ohio tells News 6 the local health department is yet to notify them about Davis’s diagnosis, but that Davis did tell them about her two positive tests during a followup phone call this week about her physical therapy.

The spokesperson says those staff members at the Orange City facility who were in close contact with Davis did get tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting their results. They will not be able to return to work until they test negative.

“CORA follows all of the policies and procedures issued by the CDC as well as other state and local governmental agencies in dealing with the pandemic, including enhanced cleaning/disinfecting commonly touched surfaces between each patient encounter, hand hygiene, patient and staff monitoring for symptoms of the virus, social distancing in the clinic, wearing cloth face coverings while in the clinic, availability of hand sanitizer in convenient locations as well as infographics/signage about proper hand hygiene, symptoms, how to stop the spread and what enhanced precautions are being taken,” the spokesperson wrote in an email.

We are hopeful the patient has a speedy recovery from the virus.

Davis says she she doesn't know how she and her family got exposed to the coronavirus since they mainly stayed isolated at home, but she says she thinks she may have picked up the virus at the grocery store.

"I wore a mask layered with filters, I carry hand sanitizer, I have only left my home since February for essentials," said Davis. "I was crazy careful and I caught it."

Davis says she thinks now that the state is undergoing Phase 1 of reopening, less people are wearing masks and practicing social distancing at area stores and restaurants and she feels that could lead to more people getting infected.

She said she didn’t start showing symptoms until this week.

“My eyes are the worst,” said Davis. “They’re burning! And I do have a pain I’ve had a couple of days in my chest, mainly on inhale.”

Davis said she just hopes those she may have unknowingly exposed to the virus get tested.

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