Yankee Stadium to host summer ‘drive-in festival’

Events kick off after July 4

(John Woike/Samara Media via AP) (John Woike)

The Bronx Bombers may not play in Yankee Stadium this summer, but you'll be able to see a drive-in movie in the parking lot.

While Major League Baseball's 2020 season remains up in the air, there's still a good reason to drive to the Bronx, the uptown drive-in.

A New York hospitality group is planning to turn Yankee Stadium's largest parking lot into a drive-in movie theater.

In addition to putting up a big screen, organizers will pipe in the sound through a PA system.

The events will range from movie screenings to stand-up comedy to karaoke.

Car-side food service will be explored so that attendees won't have to line up outside their vehicles to pick up food.

The group initially planned to kick off events every weekend after July 4, but because of demand, they are looking to extend the events through August.

To promote social distancing, cars will be parked 10 feet apart and there will be a limit to 200 vehicles for each event.

Organizers hope to keep prices affordable and first responders and healthcare workers will get in free.