Daytona Beach mayor: It’s not realistic to ask people to wear masks on beaches

Lifeguards given new instructions about COVID-19 transmission, mayor says

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – The mayor of Daytona Beach says he’s not expecting beachgoers to wear face masks over the long holiday weekend amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Mayor Derrick Henry talked to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Friday morning.

He said he wanted beachgoers to stay at least 10 feet apart.

For the most part, though, he has found Daytona-area residents and tourists to be reasonable.

“I don’t think it’s realistic or practical to ask people to go to the beach and wear a mask,” Henry said. “We really haven’t had a lot of problems, I would say you know close to zero, in terms of when you ask people to do something, they have done it. So, we are not trying to arrest people if they do not remain separate, we just give them the information and by and large they are compliant.”

The mayor said Daytona Beach lifeguards will be given new instructions about COVID-19 transmission.

He did not elaborate on what those new guidelines are.

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