Visitors and Brevard County residents prepare for historic launch

One couple says they will practice social distancing

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – With just hours before the expected launch on the space coast, locals and visitors were preparing to witness the launch in person.

On Tuesday evening, Gretchen and Hank Manley said they traveled from Palm Beach to Brevard County ahead of the launch.

“Very hopeful that it will go as planned. That the weather will cooperate and really excited about it," said Gretchen Manly. “We’ll anxiously wait around in the morning. Maybe go for a walk. Try to kill some time.”

The couple took in the sights along the Max Brewer Bridge and said that they are keeping social distancing.

“Right now we are six or seven feet away from you and we just had dinner at a restaurant down here and everyone in there was distance," said Gretchen Manley.

At Sand Point Park, Cindy Garst told News 6 that the launch will be the first human launch since she moved to the space coast.

“I’m going to be watching it from Indian River just down the road, in the backyard next to the river. So, I’ll be right across the road watching the whole thing and I’m excited," Garst said.

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