Tree crashes into woman’s car near Lake Davis in Orange County

Woman was not injured in the incident

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A tree crashed into a woman’s car near Lake Davis on Catherine Street in Orange County on Saturday night.

A possible tornado was spotted in Orange County on Saturday.

Pollyanna Cosandey said she left her home for one of the first times since March and she went to run an errand.

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Cosandey said the winds picked up fast and the tree crashed and shattered her windshield.

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A stop sign was damaged in a storm in Orange County on Saturday.

Powerlines were down throughout the area and there was not a single scratch on her.

“I felt so lucky, nothing major happened,” she said.

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“I thought it was going to crash in, but it didn’t,” she said.

Cosandey waited to see if something else was going to fall.

“I came out through the passenger’s door,” Cosandey said.

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