Orlando Mayor says city and police will continue to build trust between officers and residents

Mayor Buddy Dyer said trust must be a priority for the police department


ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said the city and police will continue to build trust between officers and residents.

“I’ve answered the call from President Obama and My Brother’s Keeper Alliance to take action to review the use of force policies, engage residents during the process, and enact changes to clarify protocols for officers,” Mayor Dyer said.

Mayor Dyer said the city is trying to identify ways for resident engagement.

Last week Dyer said he was going to review the city’s use of force policies.

“Orlando is committed to action. And as a community, we must continue to engage with each other to make change,” Dyer posted on Twitter.

The city posted the police department’s use of force policy at this link.

The city’s website shows only force necessary to impact the legitimate public safety objective will be used.

“Officers are trained on a use of force continuum and neither chokeholds now strangleholds are a tactic included or approved in our training or policy. Enforcement situations are to be de-escalated while protecting the safety of the public,” city officials posted online.

Deadly force is a last resort, according to the latest policy.

“Verbal warnings are given in all use of force encounters if the circumstances allow,” city officials posted online.

City officials said shooting at a moving vehicle is prohibited unless a person in the vehicle is immediately threatening an officer or other person with deadly force by means other than the vehicle.