Hundreds of demonstrators gather outside Orlando City Hall for third consecutive weekend

Demonstrators, organizers say their discussion focused on tangible reform, actionable change

Demonstrators gathered outside of Orlando City Hall three weeks after George Floyd's death.

ORLANDO, Fla. – After weeks of protests and demonstrations across the nation, hundreds gathered in front of Orlando City Hall demanding change after the death of George Floyd.

Orlando police officers blocked off several streets, including Orange Avenue, Anderson Street and Division Avenue to allow protests to march in the streets.

This all comes after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25.

Demonstrators and organizers News 6 spoke with said their discussion focused on tangible reform and actionable change, including pushing more people to the polls and accountability from politicians.

Speakers at the event applauded the continued turnout, even after three weeks.

“I believe consistency is the key,” T.J. Legacy-Cole said. “Change won’t come overnight. It shows people are in for the long haul. The ones you don’t see here today marching or rallying are home working on policy. The ones who are not at home working on policy are on social media continuing the conversation.”

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