Volusia County leaders provide coronavirus update after county reports 141 new cases

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Coronavirus antibody testing starts in Volusia County
Coronavirus antibody testing starts in Volusia County

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – Leaders in Volusia County held a news conference Friday to address the rising coronavirus cases in the County.

Volusia County had reported 94 cases on Wednesday followed by 140 new positive cases Thursday.

“That is the largest one day, increase we’ve seen in May, we averaged eight new cases daily,” officials said. “And from June until July, or June 12, we averaged 13 daily new cases. But since then, the average daily number of new cases is 51.”

The positivity rate in Volusia County is now 6.5%, officials said.

In Volusia County, the FDOH reported 141 new cases of COVID-19 bringing the County’s total to 1,605 cases.

There have also been 53 deaths and 205 hospitalizations.

“34 of those deaths were residents have board staff of long term care facilities,” officials explained.

Volusia County set a COVID-19 testing record Wednesday.

Sasha Staton, spokesperson for the Daytona Beach Fire Department said 668 people tested in four hours on Wednesday, a record-breaking number for Volusia County; officials said 582 people were tested at the site Thursday.

“Over the past two weeks we’ve seen a large increase in positive cases, and people ages, 20 to 34. 40% of new cases from the past 14 days are in this age range,” officials said.

During the news conference, health officials said over the last couple of weeks, 30% of the positive cases showed no symptoms.

“Younger people may have less severe symptoms or even maybe symptoms are asymptomatic,” officials said. “Remember that some people without symptoms may, may be able to spread the virus.”

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On Friday, the Florida Department of Health reported 8,942 new cases of COVID-19, as well as 39 new deaths and 212 additional hospitalizations in the state, breaking the record for the most cases of COVID-19 reported in a single day.

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