Thousands arrive at Orange County Convention Center for volleyball tournament

No spectators allowed

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – The Orange County Convention Center is hosting its first major event in months, despite the pandemic.

Thousands of players, coaches,and parents are in Central Florida for the AAU Junior National Volleyball Championships.

The games will not have any spectators, but the games are being streamed online. 

Everyone will be given a temperature check to go inside the convention center and they must have on a mask. Players will take their mask off when they play.  

"Just happy to be here for sure," said Hal Bennett. 

Bennett drove to Orlando from Valdosta, Georgia. He said he’s happy his daughter will possibly be seen by recruits during the games. He’s like many parents who told News 6 they feel good about the precautions put in place to keep everyone safe. 

“I think they’ve done everything that they can do to make it as safe as possible and still let their be an activity,” Bennett said.

 “That’s the No. 1 priority. We wouldn’t be here unless we thought it was safe,” said parent Deb Fryer.

The championship games will run until July 22 at the Orange County Convention Center. The event is expected to bring in $15 million. 

The players are staying at nearby hotels. 

You can find a list of future events happening here at the convention center at http://occc.net/updates.

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