State leaders have new website to help with COVID-19 testing

As the demand for faster COVID-19 testing continues to increase across Florida, state emergency leaders are also working to make it easier.

State emergency leaders now have a new website aimed at helping people sign up for COVID-19 testing if they are symptomatic.

They’re working to make it easier and more convenient when people show up.

They're also working to get those results back faster.

“The goal here is to try to get everyone their results in a short amount of time as possible,” said public information officer Mike Jachles.

And that’s why at the Orange County Convention Center, leaders now are urging people who have symptoms to pre-register at

Then, anyone aged 5 and older can go through these new symptomatic lanes for a shorter wait time to get one of 500 self swab tests done daily.

“You’ll get a voucher, they’ll give you an approximate appointment time and you can come out, print that voucher out, and it will ensure you get in and out as quickly as possible,” Jachles said.

Leaders say the goal is to get your results back within 72 hours, a faster time compared to those who are getting a regular COVID0-19 test.

Meanwhile, this all comes as the number of new positive cases in Florida increased again over the weekend.

More than 10,000 new cases were reported on Saturday and more than 12,000 on Sunday. Naew records are being set right here in Central Florida.

Orange County set a new record Saturday, reporting 14 deaths in one day. The previous high was nine deaths last Wednesday.

And in Seminole County, eight deaths reported Saturday. The county’s previous high was three deaths.

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