Not all businesses in DeLand are posting signs reminding people to wear masks

Mask mandate also requires store owners to post signs that read masks are required before entering a business

DELAND, Fla. – DeLand city officials said 95 percent of the people are complying with the mask ordinance that city leaders passed almost three weeks ago.

The mask mandate also requires store owners to post signs that read masks are required before entering a business. However, the city said some stores have not complied, so far.

“We’ve found about six that we’ve received complaints on. Three have been notified and we’re going to be notifying the others as well,” City spokesperson Chris Graham said.

Dick and Jane's on Woodland Boulevard is one of the six restaurants. Scott Price is the owner and has been in business for 22 years.

“Requiring masks were something that we just didn’t get into it. We weren’t going to enforce it. It’s not our job to enforce it and I feel strongly that it’s really a personal choice,” Scott Price said.

Price said all customer are welcome to his establishment and mandate or no mandate, he has no plans to post the signs on his door. Rather, Price said he will continue to enforce social distancing, operating at less than 50% capacity and sanitize as much as possible.

“The facts that we read and hear on a day-to-day basis that are so conflicting just leads us to believe that we’re just going to follow the other CDC guidelines. I don’t think we need to intimidate somebody with signage like that,” he said.

Riena Cribb is a nurse manager and helps run her family's restaurant called Byte a Modern Bistro. The restaurant is right across the street and has two signs on the door telling customers to wear a mask.

“I think we need to come together as a community,” Reina Cribb said. “Obviously, we’re all looking for answers on to stop the spread of the virus. I understand that everyone has their own perspective on the masks, but you’re looking for, you know, how do we stop this, how do we stop the spread and this is one of the answers.”

The city said zero citations have been issued so far. City spokesman Chris Graham told News 6 that since July 8, cases in town have mostly stabilized and believes the county’s “Step Up Volusia” campaign is helping to remind folks to wash up, back up and mask up.

“We’re not trying to fine anyone, so hopefully we can come to an agreement, but if there is not compliance by businesses, we might have to take additional steps,” Graham said.

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